DV 101 Volcanic Eruption Clean Up Safety

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DV 101 Volcanic Eruption Clean Up Safety

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About This Course

This is an introductory level course for disaster volunteers to understand the basic concepts of volcanic eruptions and recovery. At the end of this training, disaster workers and volunteers will recognize the hazards related to volcanic eruptions, the danger of these hazards and the role of protective equipment in a hazardous environment.

1.Gain an understanding of the risk while volunteering and ways to mitigate those risks
2.Identify hazards to reduce the risk of disasters
3.Learn about volcanic eruption Clean Up hazards
4.Learn about the use of PPE when responding in a volcanic eruption impacted area

1.Team Structure: How we work
2.Managing Personal Risk
3.Situational Awareness & Assessing Risk
4.Volcanic Eruption Clean Up Hazard Awareness
5.Work Station Set-up
6.Working Safely
7.Personal Protective Equipment
8.End of Shift

Course Hours: 1 Hours
Intended Audience : Disaster workers, Volunteers
Language: French
Delivery method: Classroom and Online