DV 102 Advanced First Aid

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DV 102 Advanced First Aid

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About This Course

This is an advances level course for disaster volunteers to gain a more detailed understanding of First Aid in a disaster response setting. At the end of this advanced training, disaster workers and volunteers will understand the role of disaster volunteers in providing first aid, learn how to determine what type of first aid a disaster survivor requires, and how to control bleeding and
use limb tourniquets.

  • Learn about hazards present in disaster response and clean up
  • Gain an understanding on how to set up a first aid kit
  • Learn how to use a Tourniquet
  • Learn how to treat burns, fractures, impaled objects, and amputations.
  • Learn about the proper positioning for unconscious patients, patients who are
    convulsing, and patients with trouble breathing.
  • Understanding Hazards
  • Preventing Illness and Injury
  • Your Role
  • Identifying the Emergency
  • Setting Up a First Aid Kit
  • Providing Care: Bleeding
  • Providing Care: Burns, Fractures, Impaled Objects, and Amputations
  • Providing Care: Stings and Bites
  • Providing Care: Splinters
  • Providing Care: Heat/Cold
  • Providing Care: Poisoning
  • Providing Care: Positioning

Delivery method: Online
Course hours: 4 hours
Intended audience: Disaster worker, volunteers
Language : English