Complex Disaster Response Planning

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Introduction Level Courses 103

Complex Disaster Response Planning

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About This Course

Complex Disaster Response planning takes into account the hazards and risks associated with responding to or working in an environment where there are two or more disasters active at one time. In this training we will use COVID-19 and Hurricane Season as an example

  • Define Complex Disasters
  • Understand the impact of COVID-19 in concert with other disasters
  • Assess the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and complex disasters
  • Define key steps in adjusting business continuity and response plans
  • Identify methods to prevent exposure and maintain a healthy team
  • About Complex Disaster Response
  • COVID-19 Current Status
  • 2020 Hurricane Season
  • Community Lifelines During Complex Disasters
  • Understanding COVID-19 Risk
  • Assessing Risk
  • Control Measures: The Hierarchy of Controls
  • Protecting Volunteers
  • Protective COVID-19 Measures for Everyone
  • Cloth Masks and Respirators
  • Emotional Resiliency in Disaster Response
  • Glossary of COVID-19 Related Terms

Course Hour: 2 Hours
Intended audience: Leaders and manager
Language: English
Delivery method: Classroom and Online