Volunteer Placement and Planning for Disaster Supervisors

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Introduction Level Courses 103

Volunteer Placement and Planning for Disaster Supervisors

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About This Course

This is a leadership level course for volunteer managers and organizational leaders to gain a detained understanding on spontaneous volunteerism management. At the end of this enhanced training, leaders and managers will learn to assess their disaster response capabilities, develop a plan to place affiliated and spontaneous volunteers to fill surge capacity needs, and learn key volunteer management practices for everyday hazards.

  • Gain an understanding about the disaster responders’ ecosystem
  • Learn about the unique challenges in disaster response
  • Understand Protocols as it relates to the placement of volunteers
  • Understand Ancillary Roles
  • Understand Safety and Precautionary Measures
  • Review Placement and Planning Outcomes
  • The Ecosystem
  • Unique Challenges
  • Volunteer Management Concerns
  • Disaster Management Concepts
  • Risk Analysis & Control Measures
  • Policies that Protect
  • Volunteer Job Descriptions

Delivery method: Classroom and Online
Course hours: 4 hours
Intended audience: Leaders and managers
Language : English