Managing and Protecting Community Vaccination Center Volunteers

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Introduction Level Courses 103

Managing and Protecting Community Vaccination Center Volunteers

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About This Course

Managers will learn ways to manage Community Vaccination Center Volunteers with their physical and emotional safety in mind. Learn to make informed decisions on how to place manage and provide support to your volunteers. Develop the skills that ensure the implementation of protocols that prevent against COVID-19 exposure and emotional health.

  • Evaluate needs at vaccination sites with the capabilities of team members
  • Implement protocols that protect team members from COVID-19 exposure and emotional stress
  1. The unique nature of pandemic disasters and volunteering
  2. Applying disaster management concepts to vaccine distribution
  3. COVID-19 vaccination site set-up & operational requirements
  4. Roles for non-medical volunteers at COVID-19 vaccination sites
  5. Protecting your team from physical hazards
  6. Protecting your team from emotional hazards
  7. What to do if your team has been exposed

Course hours: 2 Hours
Intended audience: Leaders and manager
Language : English
Delivery method: Classroom and Online