DV 101 COVID-19 Safety for Disaster Volunteers

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Introduction Level Courses 101

COVID-19 Safety for Disaster Volunteers (ENGLISH)

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About This Course

This is an introductory level course for disaster volunteers to understand the basic concepts of COVID-19 Safety. At the end of this training, disaster volunteers will learn: facts about coronavirus, volunteer protection, control measures to reduce COVID-19 and the proper use of personal protective equipment.

  • Learn basic facts about COVID-19
  • Gain an understanding on how volunteers can protect themselves while volunteering
  • Learn about the control measures that can reduce COVID-19 exposure
  • Become informed about the proper donning and doffing procedures of PPE
  • Introduction about WCC
  • Learning Objectives
  • Agenda
  • OSHA Guidelines and Responsibilities
  • Coronavirus History and COVID-19 Facts
  • COVID-19 Signs, Symptoms, and Spread
  • Steps to Protect Individuals Against COVID-19
  • Protecting Volunteers
  • Understanding Risks
  • Control Measures: The Hierarchy of Controls
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Emotional Resiliency in Disaster Response Reminder
  • Review and Next Steps

Course hour: 2 hours
Delivery method: Classroom and Online
Intended audience: Disaster workers, volunteers