Managing Managers Stress in Disaster Response

Introduction Level Courses 103

Managing Managers Stress in Disaster Response

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About This Course

At the end of the Resiliency training, individuals will be able to ensure personal safety and emotional well-being as a disaster volunteer, learn and practice stress mitigation techniques, and be able to address natural disasters such as flood, fires, and earthquakes. This enhanced training allows individuals to understand the role supervisors can play in maintaining a healthy team

  • Understand the emotional risks of high stress and disaster work and its impact on your team
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of disaster work-related stress personally and in individuals you supervise
  • Increase your team’s ability to respond safely and effectively in disaster response
  • Learn techniques to address emotional stress within your team
  • Roleplay what you have learned
  • Disasters
  • Stress and Disaster Work
  • Stress and the Leader
  • Defining Resiliency
  • Understanding Stress
  • Self Awareness
  • Stress Domains
  • Impact on Family and Children
  • Helpful Measures
  • Being Supportive
  • Managers Making a Difference
  • Managing Your Own Leadership Stress

Course Hours: 2 Hours
Delivery method: Classroom and Online
Intended audience: Leaders and manager
Language : English