The Collaborative Disaster Volunteer Credential Level 2

The Collaborative Disaster Volunteer Credential Level 2

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About This Course

This 12-hour course is the first collaborative disaster volunteer credential created by organizations that will use it to keep their volunteers safe and updated as to the skills they need to perform effectively in disaster response.

  • Evaluate  what PPE is needed and when, including respirators.
  • Know the importance of respecting and applying cultural competency when volunteering.
  • Understand and apply disaster management techniques.
  • Apply reflective and compassionate listening skills when working with survivors.
  • Understand  the foundational elements of CPR.
  • Understand first-aid techniques.
  • Understand blood-borne and infectious diseases in disaster settings, including advanced knowledge on vectors and symptoms.
  • Comprehend flood-response hazards.
  • Conduct  home assessment and risk mapping.
  • Comprehend  Muck and Gut processes
  • Understand Opioids and pathways to misuse
  1. Cultural Competency
  2. Advanced First Aid
  3. Opioid Awareness
  4. Infectious Disease Response Safety
  5. Comprehensive Flood Response and Recovery
  6. Active Shooter Safety for Everyone
  7. Radiological Safety
  8. Emotional Resiliency: Helping Others

Course Content