The Collaborative Disaster Volunteer Credential Level 3: Management

The Collaborative Disaster Volunteer Credential Level 3: Management

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About This Course

This is the first collaborative disaster volunteer credential created by the organizations that will use it to keep their volunteers safe and updated as to the skills they need to volunteer effectively in disaster response. Disaster Volunteer 3 provides leaders and managers with lessons on disaster response planning and management of volunteers to ensure a safe disaster response that effectively delivers services to meet the needs of the impacted community and their survivors.

At the end of this training learner’s scope of work and volunteer tasks could be management and planning tasks such as volunteer team leader, planner, and emotional support liaison for volunteers and staff

  • Evaluate organizational response plans
  • Assess current and new methods to protect staff and volunteers
  • Comprehend Service Center models and apply them to mission focused programs
  • Apply Active Shooter Emergency Action planning method to current plans
  • Intergrate resileincy methods to daily initiatives and crisis response
  • Utilize methods to reduce mangers stress

1. Compound Disaster Response Planning
 2. Leading, Managing and Protecting your Team
 3. Management and Distribution Centers
 4. Active Shooter Emergency Action Planning
 5. Managing an Emotionally Resilient Team
 6. Emotional Resiliency: Managing Managers Stress

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